14th SailBot Regatta (6-10 Jun 2022, Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester MA USA)

The week’s weather started out as predicted: clear skies, mid to high 70’s, winds 2-6kts occasional puffs up to 13kts.  Monday through Wed events ran pretty much as scheduled (we did do a restart for the Search event when the Cornell boat became totally be-calmed for much of their 10-minute attempt.  Due to forecast (and actual!) heavy rains and scattered thunderstorms, the Thursday Long Range/Endurance event was shifted to Friday; Presentations were then moved up to Thursday.  Friday was beautiful with the most consistent breezes (5-8kts) of the week. 

Regardless of the small field of four boats, it was great to see all on the start line for the initial Fleet race.  Surprisingly the fleet consisted of three rigid wing-sail boats (WPI, CU, and VT) and only one traditional (cat-rigged) soft-sail (Pitt).  In the shifty light air, the freely-rotating, trim-tab-controlled wing-sail of the WPI boat was the only one to eventually complete the Fleet race.  

As the week progressed, various mechanical failures plagued all of the boats and led to several compromised but generally effective systems.  Through their combined creativity and interteam collaboration, all boats made it to the water on each of the four sailing days.  Each team had moments of brilliance (and serendipity!) resulting in every team winning at least one event.

Congratulations to WPI and their boat “SailGoat” for their overall win!  (Rumors are SailBot 2023 will be held on Lake Attitash, MA hosted by the SailBot 2019 winners, Newburyport HS. For further info please contact Sarah Leadbeater <sleadbeater@newburyport.k12.ma.us>.)

Below are the detailed results from this year:


SailGoat (WPI)29.91st
Take 3 (Virginia Tech)21.52nd
Hurry Up (University of Pittsburgh)18.33rd
The Codfather (Cornell University)16.64th

Fleet Race

TeamRace 1Race 2PointsPlace
SailGoat (WPI)1DNF101st
Hurry Up (University of Pittsburgh)DNFDNF0n/a
The Codfather (Cornell University)DNFDNS0n/a
Take 3 (Virginia Tech)DNFDNS0n/a


TeamTime-inExit PenaltyPointsPlace
Hurry Up (University of Pittsburgh)05:290101st
Take 3 (Virginia Tech)02:2304.82nd
SailGoat (WPI)01:1102.43rd
The Codfather (Cornell University)00:31014th

Collision Avoidance

None attempted.


TeamCargo (%)PointsPlace
Take 3 (Virginia Tech)101 lbs. (101%)51st
SailGoat (WPI)80.5 lbs (84%)42nd
The Codfather (Cornell University)DNF0n/a
Hurry Up (University of Pittsburgh)DNF0n/a


The Codfather (Cornell University)Partial Search Pattern31st
Hurry Up (University of Pittsburgh)DNS0n/a
Take 3 (Virginia Tech)DNS0n/a
SailGoat (WPI)DNS0n/a


SailGoat (WPI)8.51st
Hurry Up (University of Pittsburgh)8.32nd
The Codfather (Cornell University)8.33rd
Take 3 (Virginia Tech)7.94th

Endurance / Long Range

TeamTime (hh:mm)Laps AutoLaps RCPointsPlace
SailGoat (WPI)04:010251st
The Codfather (Cornell University)03:45014.32nd
Take 3 (Virginia Tech)03:17013.83rd
Hurry Up (University of Pittsburgh)04:010004th